Making Meme Dreams into Reality


Cheemscoin was born from a meme posted on Reddit. A commenter quickly developed the ERC20 token and deployed it on the xDai Chain. Within a few days, a vibrant community had begun and thousands of Cheemscoin were airdropped to community members. A subreddit, Twitter account and Discord server were all created and managed by different members of the community. Today, anyone in the community can share anything such as a new idea or change they want made or even just a funny meme they found. Everyone is also free to contribute to the GitHub repository.

Disease Fighting

Every week, thousands of Cheemscoin are distributed to people who fold to our Folding@home team, 1060762. Folding@home is a distributed computing project that helps scientists create therapeutics for a variety of diseases by simlutating proteins folding. Basically, you run a program on your computer and it helps fight diseases like Alzheimer's, Cancer and even COVID-19. Go here to learn more. To incentivise people to participate, we reward them with Cheemscoin. This means you, yes you reading this, can earn Cheemscoin for FREE right now. Learn how here and view past payouts here.

Yield Farming


On the farming page, you were able to despoit Cheemscoin Liquidity Provider tokens in a smart contract and then gradually earn Cheemscoin. You were required to lock the LP tokens for at least 2 days, but you could lock it for longer to increase your rewards. A total of 345,210 Cheemscoin (half of the total supply) were distributed through this over the 30 days. You can find more technical details in the docs.